;rms limiter, approx 10dB limiting range. ;stereo I/O, common control (to maintain image) equ sigin reg0 equ avg reg1 equ gain reg2 rdax adcl,0.5 rdax adcr,0.5 wrax sigin,1 ;write mono input signal mulx sigin ;square input rdfx avg,0.001 ;average squared result wrax avg,1 ;avg stored and in ACC log -0.5,-0.125 ;square root and 1/x combined exp 1,0 ; wrax gain,1 mulx adcl sof 1.5,0 ;restore gain, but avoid output clipping wrax dacl,0 rdax gain,1 mulx adcr sof 1.5,0 wrax dacr,0 ;write outputs, zero ACC 我爱AV,haose,吾爱av,奇米色,奇米网,奇米影视,奇米第四色在线影院